In Pursuit of the Perfect Gluten-Free Bagel: Udi’s New Options


Ask almost anyone who has transitioned from eating gluten to a gluten-free diet what they miss most, and it is likely that they’ll say it was hard to get rid of bread.

Dig a bit deeper and you will often hear that bagels were the biggest challenge. This is because bagels have really become part of the everyday breakfast options. They are a food that kids love and something that adults can easily eat on their way to work or as they sit at their desks. They make perfect mini-pizzas, afternoon snacks, and ideal vehicles for any sort of sandwich filling.

They are a true gluten-free bummer!

The problem is that they are a very gluten-dense food and are a definitive “no no” when you live with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Fortunately, there is Udi’s…

This is a beloved gluten-free brand that offers some of the most convincing bagels around. By “convincing” we mean that you can hardly distinguish them from, say, the bagels you would get in a bakery found in Brooklyn, NY (though they are based in Colorado!).

Currently they offer five flavors:

    • Cinnamon Raisin: The ideal flavor combination is now back in the gluten-free diet. Not overly sweet and packed with lots of chewy goodness, this is a perfect snacking food as well as a great meal.


    • Whole Grain: People on gluten-free diets are often challenged to get enough fiber and whole grains, and this bagel is a good solution. Spread this with a bit of hummus, and it is a nearly perfect food.



  • Everything Inside: Why can’t a gluten-free eater still enjoy one of the “everything” bagels? This flavor provides that wonderful combination of onion, seeds, garlic, egg, and more. Toast it with a bit of butter, and you will feel as if you have gone to bagel bliss.

Something to keep in mind about processed and non-gluten foods, however, is that they can often be void of many nutrients. Udi’s has taken great pains to avoid this typical issue. These bagels have more than 3% of your daily fiber needs, contain less than 350 calories per serving, and avoid the sugars that many commercial bagels contain.

Instead, you can rely on any of Udi’s gluten-free bagels as a great substitute for their gluten-rich cousins. They make ideal meals, sandwiches, or vessels for smoked salmon, cream cheese, or anything else you might partner with these chewy and doughy delights. Each bag has four servings, so be sure you purchase plenty!


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  • Kelly

    It sounds great but, it is GMO food and I can’t handle eating..get real sick feeling and get constipated.

    • Suzanne Wolke

      [quote name=”kelly”]It sounds great but, it is GMO food and I can’t handle eating..get real sick feeling and get constipated.[/quote]

      Hi Kelly,
      My name is Suzanne Wolke and I work with Udi’s Gluten Free. I’m excited to let you know that all our products are verified non-GMO by third party testing and we are working toward Non-GMO Project certification on many of our items. Our granola bars and granola clusters are actually already certified! Let me know if I can help answer any other questions!

  • Kelly

    Its GMO, no thanks.

  • Kelly

    Its GMO, no thanks!

  • Clair

    Unless Udi’s has drastically improved their bagels, they tasted and had about the same consistency as bread! I much prefer Glutino’s frozen bagels–thaw in the microwave for 1 minute at power level 30 and then toast lightly and it tastes like a real New York or Brueggers Bagel. Add some Tofiutti for us lactose intolerant people and you have a decent piece of the past.

  • Perrianne Lurie

    As a native NYer and bagel expert, I have to agree with Clair that Udi’s are nothing like “real” bagels. The only gf bagel that comes close is Joan’s GF Great Bakes, which come frozen and par-boiled and you have to bake them yourself. The “everything bagels” are good, but the “everything” has a tendancy to fall off in the defrosting baking and slicing process.

  • Roberta

    Best GF bagels for me, unfortunately, are those I make from scratch myself (using Jules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour). I bake, shape, boil, and freeze individually, and then when I want a freshly baked chewy bagel I thaw in microwave and bake in my toaster oven.

    • Roberta

      Oops…typo in my last submission. I meant to say I mix, shape, boil, freeze and then thaw and bake. :-)

  • Susan

    udi’s bagels are great…my son has celiac…I don’t but eat them a lot…they taste like regular bagels..just not as heavy and toast really well

  • H

    This article is ridiculous. Udi’s makes the absolute WORST bagels. They aren’t bagels at all, but simply bread with a hole in the middle. Kinnickick (sp?) makes excellent bagels; Glutino makes excellent english muffins, and I think they also make good bagels.

  • Clair

    Thanks for the support. I will try Kinnikinic (sp?) soon

  • Brenda

    I would LOVE to try them, but gluten free products are so expensive,when I buy a pkg of said product, and find it un-palatable. I’m left with an empty purse and more stuff to throw out. am getting soo tired of trying.

  • Lynne

    I love Udi’s bagels. I toast them & top with butter or peanut butter , my favorite is cream cheese. I also make hot ham & cheese sandwiches with them in the microwave.

  • Nancy

    I love, love, love Udi’s mighty bagel!! My favorite, they taste so good! Thanks for making these!

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