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It’s Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Girl Scouts of America have announced the return of their gluten-free Girl Scout cookie options for the 2016 season. Back by popular demand, the cookies will be available nationwide from most Girl Scout councils!

Where can you pick up some gluten-free Girl Scout Cookies and what are the tasty options? We’ve got the scoop for you!


Which Girl Scout Cookies Are Gluten-Free?

Girl Scouts will be selling two gluten-free options this year. Trios (which sound amazing), and Toffee-Tastic. Trios are chocolate-chip, peanut butter and oatmeal cookies. Toffee Tastic are rich, buttery cookies filled with tiny toffee bits.

Since beginning this initiative a few years ago, Girl Scouts have shown great dedication to providing a gluten-free, healthy product. All of their gluten-free cookies are not only free from gluten ingredients, but also are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility. Additionally, they are free of artificial flavors, colors, high fructose corn syrup, palm oil, and hydrogenated oils.

Where Can I Buy Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookies?

These cookies are both part of a limited pilot and while they have wide availability, are not being offered by all of the Girl Scout Councils. Info on Toffee Tastic Cookies, including which councils are offering the cookie and where to purchase, can be found here. More detailed information about Trios can be found here, and information about which councils are selling Trio cookies can be found here.

Girl Scouts has also launched a cookie finder app, where you can search for and order Girl Scout Cookies through your smart phone!

Are Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookies Here to Stay?

Girl Scouts of America first introduced gluten-free Girl Scout Cookies in a 2013-2014 pilot, with outstanding results. Polls showed that 90% of people who tried the cookie said they’d want to buy more the next year, so Girl Scouts put even more resources into creating gluten-free cookie options this year.

While it’s unfortunate that distribution is limited, it’s still a step up from previous years. Last year’s distribution of the gluten-free cookies was a lot less broad, and two years ago they only offered single packages of test-run gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

The gluten-free cookie manufacturers are currently conducting market research to determine the effectiveness of this initiative and whether or not to make the current cookie options permanent fixtures in the Girl Scout Cookie lineup. Since previous years have resulted in great success and positive feedback, we are very optimistic about gluten-free options becoming a part of the permanent lineup!

I’m definitely excited about Girl Scout Cookies’ gluten-free options and plan on showing my support in order to grow the initiative. That said, I’m a Thin Mints girl at heart. If you know of any gluten-free thin mints on the market, let me know! I’ve seen a couple of options but my ultimate favorite are Goodie Girl Mint Slims. They are almost as good as the real thing!!


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