Gluten-free Diet Support was created by people who know the challenges of living a gluten-free diet first hand. After being diagnosed with Celiac disease and years of suffering from constant digestive issues, anemia, lack of energy and general malaise, we saw a need in the market for a vitamin supplement that addressed the specific nutrient deficiencies and symptoms that come with gluten intolerance. And with that, CeliAct supplements was founded in July 2010 with the goal of improving the lives of people with restricted diets and digestive discomfort. The original CeliAct multivitamin was specially formulated to improve the health of people on a gluten-free diet. We’re happy to say that it has successfully helped tens of thousands of people.

After years of additional research and feedback from people like you, we began the formulation of Gluten-Free Diet Support, the next generation of CeliAct. Gluten-Free Diet Support contains over 2 billion live bacteria of the Unique-IS2 strain. In addition, it contains iron and other essential vitamins and minerals. The result is a convenient, easy-to-take product that can successfully improve the energy levels and digestive health for people following a gluten-free diet.

Our Quality 

Manufactured using the highest standards

Current GMP manufacturing refers to the production of consumer goods using only “good manufacturing practices” set by the FDA and the Natural Products Association (NPA). Our manufacturers only uses c GMP-certified methods when manufacturing our vitamins and supplements. Our commitment to c GMP manufacturing is the basis of our quality assurance system, which involves a series of controls and documentation to monitor the quality, safety, and efficiency of our products. Our manufacturer hold certifications as an organic supplement manufacturer and sports supplement manufacturer. Because we have appropriate certifications and follow the strictest guidelines determined by the FDA, NPA, and other regulating agencies, our customers can be sure they are receiving products that meet the highest standards for the safe production of vitamins and supplements.

Our manufacturers use c GMP manufacturing and a quality assurance system to ensure optimal characteristics of the product, including:
• Identity

In addition to using c GMP-certified production methods and strict quality controls, we also conduct thorough and scientific tests on all our raw materials and final products. These tests are performed by Ph.D. scientists in our state-of-the-art laboratories, and allow us to identify and correct any problems or variances in the products as they occur.