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“Crazy About” is our series featuring gluten-free products, brands and startups that we just can’t keep to ourselves.

This feature focuses on Rush Bowls, who are new on the scene and demand some attention.

Ever since I found out about them they have become my new favorite gluten-free product to rave about.

Anyone and everyone should know about them, because they are simple, healthy solutions to on-the-go gluten-free eating, and boy do we need more of those! Read on to hear more about my new favorite product!

What is a Rush Bowl?

Rush Bowls are individually packaged cups of blended fruit and Udi’s gluten-free granola. They are also additive, preservative, artificial sweetener and GMO-free. They come in either 4 oz or 12 oz cups and also have a 4 oz naked (granola-free) option. They are frozen but can be easily defrosted by leaving them out for a while (perfect to bring to work for breakfast) or a quick microwave. Each Rush Bowl is only 125 calories.

Are they all gluten-free?

Rush Bowls are all certified gluten-free. Woohoo! They also have vegan, dairy-free, soy-free and nut-free options. My favorite: The Oasis Bowl (mangos, pineapple, peach juice, coconut milk and granola- YUM).

Why do I love Rush Bowls so much?

While I would love to make my usual yogurt, chopped fresh fruit and nut for breakfast every morning, sometimes (or lots of times) I just don’t have the energy or time. I also love that this is a healthy alternative to ice cream. I also love that there are a variety of flavors. I love that it is CHEAP ($6.59 for the large size on icecreamsource). I love that they are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. I love that it uses Udi’s granola. They also taste really, really good. Need more reasons? Rush Bowls frequently donate funds and give back to the Boulder, CO community where they are located in all kinds of creative ways.

Where can I find them?

Rush Bowls are available in 40 states at a variety of retailers including Whole Foods and Safeway. Click here to find retailers near you. You can also buy them online or pick them up at their flagship Boulder, CO store.




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