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I write this blog to provide gluten-free news, yummy recipes, and important information and facts concerning celiac and living a gluten-free lifestyle.

Today I wanted to change the pace a bit, and focus on what we can do to give back to the gluten-free community.

This blog focuses on gluten-free fundraising, and how to get involved in your community to raise money and awareness for celiac and gluten sensitivity. Read on for 4 creative and fun fundraising ideas!

 1. Gluten-Free Restaurant Night:

Have a favorite local restaurant with delicious gluten-free options? Ask them to host a fundraiser! Often events such as this are attractive to restaurants (especially on slow nights) because they bring in more patrons and spread the word about their yummy food. Advertise in your community about the gluten-free night and why gluten-free restaurant options are so important. Some restaurants with gluten-free menu choices who are known to participate in community fundraising efforts are Outback Steakhouse and Uno’s Bar and Grill. Register your event with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness here.

 2. Team Up with a Sports Team:

Both local and national sporting events are excellent ways to raise awareness and also fundraise for the celiac and gluten-free communities. Many teams will have a staff member who handles community outreach or pubic relations and can be your contact person to set-up a celiac awareness night. NFCA partners with Philadelphia sports teams to host Celiac Awareness Days throughout the year, where a portion of ticket sales goes towards raising awareness for Celiac Disease.

 3. Join Team Gluten-Free:

Team Gluten-Free is a community fundraising program designed to let you create an online fundraising page as either an individual or as a team, where you can set fundraising goals and use your own interests and creativity to fundraise. Anything goes – bake sales, marathons, lemonade stands and even honeymoon registries. Create your own team and spread the word through family, friends and online sources, and watch your fundraising goals grow! After registration you will be provided with a welcome packet full of ideas and resources. All fundraising efforts directly support the Celiac Disease Foundation.

4. School Fundraising and Awareness:

Join forces with school administration to provide a student privilege that can be accessible by donating $1. Ideas include wearing a hat to school, extra lunch or recess time, etc. On the fundraiser day, devote a portion of class to raising celiac awareness and even get the cafeteria staff on board to serve gluten-free dessert!

Be sure to contact your local newspaper, radio and cable channels to get the word out about your fundraising efforts and to let people know how they can contribute! What are some ways you have fundraised for celiac awareness? We would love more ideas!



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