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In this day and age, people use their cell phones for practically everything. Taking pictures, playing music, paying bills, ordering groceries, the list goes on.

With more and more people adopting a gluten-free lifestyle, the cell phone app market has taken notice and responded to our need.

You can now use your phone as your friendly guide to gluten-free living. Check out these great apps that can make your day to day life a bit easier and be a huge time saver, whether ordering dinner, grocery shopping, traveling or just curious about a product. Read on to see our favorite gluten-free apps!


1. Is That Gluten-Free? For Groceries

This handy app includes info on more than 15,000 gluten-free products, as well as hundreds of brands. Users can search by category, brand or product name, and it also gives you the ability to reach the product’s website for additional information. The app also boasts an ingredient search function. It is available for iPhone and iPad and has a one time fee of $7.99. This app is very useful when searching for a specific product. They are constantly updating their product list and you’ll be hard pressed to find something they don’t have info on!


2. Is That Gluten-Free? Eating Out

Branching off of Is That Gluten-Free For Groceries, this app allows you to search for regional and national chain restaurants with gluten-free menu options. It also lists the restaurant chains that do not  have gluten-free menu options. Restaurants included in the gluten-free list include places such as Red Lobster, P.F. Changs and Outback Steakhouse. You can also search by ingredient or menu item in each restaurant. Like it’s sister app, it’s available for iPhone and iPad. It’s one time fee is $3.99.


3. Grain or No Grain

This is one of the more fun apps out there, as it includes a quiz that tests your gluten-free knowledge. This app is also incredibly handy, as it also has a safe & unsafe ingredients list, a gluten-free beer & liquor list and restaurant menus. This app is free and has some of the most impressive reviews we’ve seen.


4. Gluten-Free Fast Food

While we at Celiact recommend eating a well balanced, healthy diet, sometimes you’re in a rush, on a road trip, or just have a craving for some fries. We’ve also heard from parents that this is great and prevents hassles when the kids are going to a fast food place with friends. This easy to use app lets you pick a fast food joint and see what they offer that’s gluten-free. Their database is very extensive. Eat junk in moderation, folks!


5. Gluten-Free Restaurant Cards

This must-have app provides restaurant cards in more than 40 languages that can be shown to the server or chef while traveling, in order to explain your dietary needs to the restaurant staff. It can for sure be stressful to try to explain to a waiter what gluten is when you don’t speak the local language, so this app is crucial when traveling! This free app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Download these apps directly to your phone and let us know what you think! We’ve included our favorite gluten-free apps in this blog, and would love to hear your favorites as well. Share with us below your go-to app for your gluten-free needs.




Any updates to this list? Are there any apps for Android?

Jun 28, 2017

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