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“I hate this gluten-free stuff…it has no taste to me!” thus spoke the teenager in the backseat of the car.

It is not uncommon for young people who must abruptly adopt the gluten-free diet to notice the distinct absence of artificial flavors and sweeteners that tend to make up the most popular and common (gluten-filled) snacks.

Because this same teen has celiac disease, his ongoing diet of gluten-dense foods was causing him many problems, and the diagnosis was like a ray of light in terms of his chronic fatigue, malnutrition, and bouts of anemia.

The problem, as he so clearly stated, was that he “hated” the gluten-free foods. Naturally, they did have plenty of taste; it was just that the teenager had a palette that had long been cultivated to prefer modern junk food.

Because he could not return to “this sort of food” and remain healthy, he was facing a dietary dilemma. In other words, how would he get his “fix” of snack foods without consuming gluten?

Well, that teenage boy was me back in high school, and unfortunately for me, I just had to suck it up and find some new and inventive ways to get my daily junk calories.

For the snack-food-seeker in 2013 though, things are looking a LOT better. Here are three of the best new products appearing in 2013:

  • Eco-Planet has released their entirely gluten-free toaster pastries. Available in blueberry, strawberry, or brown sugar & cinnamon flavors, they are bound to be a hit with the kids, teens, and snack-happy adults of the world.
  • Many people (including teens) want meals that need no preparation and that can be enjoyed on the go. Enter the Go Picnic Black Bean Dip & Plantain Chips Ready to Eat Meal. Yes, that is a mouthful, but what a wonderful mouthful. It has a healthy black bean dip, plantain chips, a fruit and nut mix, a bit of chocolate, and a seed blend for energy.
  • Though the unhealthy potato chip makers like to claim that their foods are irresistible; you will disagree once you taste the Baked Lentil Chips from Mediterranean Snack Foods. Full of fiber, protein, and flavor, they are a wonderful vehicle for gluten-free dips, but also hard to stop eating on their own. Available in a handful of savory flavors, including Dill, Parmesan and Garlic, and Sea Salt, they are a wonderful treat.

If you know an unhappy gluten-free teen, child, or adult, we are sure these new products will turn their frowns upside down!


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