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If the winter doldrums are getting you down, maybe it’s time to start planning a mid-winter getaway, an exotic voyage for spring break, or even your next summer vacation.

Traveling can be nerve-wracking for people with food allergies and intolerances, who fear spending part of their vacation sick from cross-contamination.

Thankfully, there are some fantastic gluten-free cruises and other great gluten-free vacation ideas that need not fill you with terror…

Gluten-Free Cruises


Gluten-Free Cruises is a 100% gluten-free cruise company offering gluten-free wine and food cruises along the romantic Danube River and elsewhere.

Gourmet gluten-free meals and pastries are provided by top-notch chefs. Educational and entertainment programming is provided by gluten-free experts such as cookbook authors and chefs, nutritionists and medical professionals. Check out their website for the May 2013 cruise itinerary.

For mainstream cruises that can accommodate gluten-free dieters, consider Celebrity Cruise Lines. Increasingly, cruises are going out of their way to court customers with food sensitivities and ensure them safe and enjoyable accommodations.


Gluten-Free Vacationing with Dining & Travel Clubs


Bob & Ruth’s Gluten-Free Dining & Travel Club leads gluten-free tours and travel adventures, from short getaways to American destinations (Charleston, SC; Seattle, WA; New Orleans, LA, and more) to international adventures in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. They have led safaris, ocean cruises and more.

The 2013 schedule includes a river boat cruise of Normandy and Paris, a short getaway to Niagara Falls, and a safari to Kenya. They offer a membership-based service and a wide variety of programs to suit the needs of every type of gluten-free traveler.


Gluten-Free Destinations


Disney World is a popular family destination for vacations and there are lots of resources for helping you enjoy your Disney vacation safely. The Disney Food Blog has one of the more thorough guides to navigating Disney gluten-free. They list current gluten-free snacks available at concessions in the park as well as restaurant options. If you’re interested in dining at Disney’s restaurants there are steps you can take to ensure a safe and delicious dining experience. They even have a Special Diets Department devoted to making sure people with dietary restrictions enjoy their Disney vacation. Disney World has a fabulous reputation for being helpful with special dietary concerns and food intolerances and allergies.

Beaches by Sandals Resorts are committed to accommodating special diets, including gluten-free. They provide easily accessible information on how to make sure you have safe meals available to you.

For an international destination, consider Italy. Eating gluten-free in Italy is far easier than in most other countries, as there is a high rate of celiac diagnosis and huge numbers of restaurants have celiac staff or at the very least can accommodate celiac diets. Many restaurants carry gluten-free pasta, and gluten-free products are stocked in stores nearly everywhere.


Resources to Help You Plan Your Gluten-Free Vacation


A number of excellent websites are available to help you plan your gluten-free vacation:

  • Gluten-Free Travel Site offers user-generated reviews of restaurants, cruise companies, and colleges and more. A mobile version of the site helps travelers navigate with ease.
  •’s Travel Section includes a wealth of articles about travel topics.
  • CeliacRestaurantGuide has valuable information for those traveling in the U.S. who want to know what’s safe to eat at chain restaurants along the way.

As always, keep in mind that websites do go out of date quickly so check directly with restaurants, hotels, cruises, etc. before you choose your destination or place your order.

Bon voyage!


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