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As the gluten-free marketplace grows, the brands that serve you continue to evolve and improve.

Years ago, gluten-free brands were overpriced and underwhelming. Many of the breads, bars, cereals, and other foods just didn’t taste good, and they came at prices that anyone newly gluten-free scoffed at.

Now, I don’t want to pretend that gluten-free food isn’t still expensive. It is. But, from ten years ago, to five years ago, to even two years ago, prices have decreased and quality has dramatically increased.

There’s a lot that has contributed to that reality: more gluten-free consumers, more money at stake, more brands entering the market, bigger brands like General Mills and Smart Balance joining in the fun, and more. AND THIS IS ALL GREAT NEWS FOR YOU!

The reality is the ‘lower price and better quality’ trend has just begun.

While there are many great gluten-free brands out there, recently there are some that have specifically caught my eye that are going above and beyond to combine big taste with a genuine focus on nutrition. Because people with celiac disease don’t absorb nutrients as well and must also focus on nutrition, these brands are especially significant.


7 Gluten-Free Brands That Have Caught My Eye

  • Attune Foods – Attune has two great gluten-free product lines, between their Erewohn cereal and their delicious probiotic bars. While the cereal is delicious, the probiotic bars really caught our eye… and our taste buds. Attune has manufactured a line of probiotic bars with three delicious flavors that are also rich in fiber and calcium. I highly recommend adding them to your diet!
  • Cocomama Foods – Cocomama is an innovative brand that focuses on gluten-free foods sourced from ancient grains. Their first product in a line of many others to come is a quinoa-based cereal available in a variety of flavors: banana cinnamon, orange cranberry, honey almond, and wild blueberry. All healthy and delicious. I highly recommend picking up the sample pack to decide what you like best!
  • Nugo Nutrition – Nugo has long been putting out high-quality, nutritious bars, and with the release of their new Nugo Slim line, they’ve done it again. These bars are not only gluten-free, high in fiber and protein, and low in sugar and fat; they’re also delicious.
  • Mayesa – Mayesa drinks are truly unique. I promise you won’t find another gluten-free drink like this on the market. Not only are they packed with nutrients like antioxidants, magnesium, and omega 3 fatty acids, these drinks have all 8 essential amino acids, making them a complete protein solution. Highly recommended.
  • Canyon Bakehouse – They really put an emphasis on creating great products and getting the whole grains you need. Packed with fiber, Canyon makes great breads in a variety of flavors you’ll rarely find from other gluten-free bread manufacturers.
  • Food Should Taste Good – I recommend you put a few chips in a bowl or a plastic bag, and walk away (don’t bring the whole bag with you!). It’s hard to stop munching on these. What’s even more difficult is to argue with their focus on health – their slew of awards over the past few years tell a great story, and their focus on the environment and community is unparalleled. (My favorite flavor is the Jalapeno Cheddar – but they’re impossible to put down!)
  • PureFit – Likely one of the more recognized brands in the market, Purefit has been providing nutritious, high-protein bars for a long time now. One hundred percent natural ingredients and 18 grams of protein per bar tells just half the story – you’ll have to try them to find out the other half.

These are the seven great brands that are changing the way people eat and think about gluten-free foods. I highly recommend you give them all a try.

Not only are they great new and interesting foods, they are easing the life of people with celiac disease by providing more healthy options. In the process, they’re also making it much more fun to live and eat gluten-free.

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Write in the comments any other brands that have recently caught your eye. (I would love to get up another article in the coming weeks on gluten-free brands that our readers have recommended!) We’re always trying to spread the word about great new gluten-free options!


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