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So I was sitting at home doing some work the other night and I had the TV on in the background. (I actually find it hard to concentrate in silence and tend to prefer music or TV in the background).

All of a sudden something caught my attention. I could have sworn I heard the words “gluten-free” emanating from the TV so I turned around to focus my attention on whatever was airing. Sure enough, a Chex commercial was on and the main selling point of the commercial was the fact that Chex are gluten-free!

Now I know Chex have been gluten-free for a while, but I find it very surprising and even exciting that General Mills has decided that gluten-free is such a big selling point that they will actually make it the emphasis of their (very expensive) commercials.

Check out the gluten-free Chex commercial below…

Click here to watch the new gluten-free Chex commercial.

So the next day I was doing my grocery shopping, and sure enough ended up in the cereal aisle. While I do enjoy Chex, this time I decided to go with the newly released gluten-free Rice Krispies. On the other side of the aisle were all kinds of gluten-free mixes from Betty Crocker. None of these products, mind you, were in the dedicated gluten-free section of the grocery store either. It was at this moment that I realized how far we’ve really come.


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