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The gluten-free world grew tremendously in 2011.

As more people go gluten-free (from those with celiac disease, to the gluten intolerant, to people trying to improve other digestive and GI issues, all the way to those who are trying a gluten-free diet as a potentially more healthy alternative), there is more help than ever regarding the gluten-free diet.

There are TONS of blogs and sites that we follow. We recommend setting up an RSS feed (see Google Reader) or another system so that you can check all (or the handful you like best) easily. It can really help to get as many opinions and ideas from these bloggers as possible.

Another easy way to follow the ones you like is to join Twitter and follow the people below. You don’t need to Tweet if you don’t want – just follow the people below, and they’ll give you all the info you need right in your feed! And, most of them are VERY easy to start conversations with by simply asking them questions there…

(If you are on Twitter, or decide to join, make sure you send us an @ message. Tweet “@CeliAct Hey guys, love the blog!”, or ask us a question, and we’ll be sure to link up with you!)

Since there are so many, we won’t give the rundown of why each is so great in its own. We’ll let you decide what you like. Without further ado, here are the best gluten-free blogs, websites, and Tweeters to follow in 2012:






























Thanks to all of you bloggers and Tweeters for continuing to provide great resources for the celiac and gluten-free communities! We look forward to your continued contribution in 2012.

Let us know if there are any other blogs you follow in the comments! It will help everyone to know what additional resources are out there…


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