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How has the gluten free diet contributed to the hottest winning streak in professional tennis right now? It’s pretty simple actually. Novak Djokovic is absolutely destroying his competition in 2011 and is single-handedly dominating the sport of tennis. All on a gluten free diet.

Djokovic is undefeated in 2011 and has won 39 matches in a row. Of those 39, four were against Rafael Nadal and three were against Roger Federer – the two traditional beasts in the sport.


Why on Earth is this Significant?


Djokovic was not always such a stellar performer on the court. The young Serbian was actually pretty middle-of-the-pack.

What changed?

Last August he was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and instantly began following a gluten free diet. He cut the familiar staples from his diet and began to regain his energy and his focus.

“I have lost some weight, but it’s only helped me because my movement is much sharper now and I feel great physically,” Djokovic said.


How the “Djokovic Diet” is Spreading (In Professional Tennis!)


The story of Djokovic’s rise and his partial attribution of his success to his new gluten free diet may not be the last of its kind.

At the 2011 French Open this week, professional tennis player Sabine Lisicki had to be taken off the court in a stretcher after she collapsed.

The problem?

Lisicki, who was once ranked #22 in the world, was recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance and has not yet learned how to eat a nutritious gluten free diet. She hasn’t yet figured out how to get enough energy and nutrients to play a professional tennis match.

“I am sad that my body let me down. Doctors recently discovered that I am intolerant to gluten – meaning I can’t eat pasta, one of my biggest energy sources,” Lisicki said after the match.

Luckily for her, there are plenty of nutritious gluten free pastas that she will surely discover in her upcoming recovery.


All of this During Celiac Awareness Month!


Now I know these professional athletes weren’t diagnosed with celiac disease, but gluten intolerance awareness helps us too! Let’s face it – the gluten free diet is the most important aspect of treating celiac disease, and it is probably the toughest as well. As gluten intolerance awareness rises, gluten free options are sure to rise with them!


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