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The Celiac Project: A Documentary About Celiac Disease

What is The Celiac Project?

The Celiact Project is a documentary about life with celiac disease aimed to raise awareness and spread knowledge about this all too commonly misunderstood condition. The film follows the stories of several individuals before and after their diagnosis with celiac disease.

While the film is full of facts and information for those who are less knowledgeable about celiac, it also gives a glimpse into the individuals' experiences and struggles associated with celiac disease and their experiences within the medical system.

Watch the trailer below:

Who is the Filmmaker?

There were a few key reasons that led Chicago-based filmmaker Michael Frolichstein to create a documentary about celiac disease. Not only was he inspired to create a film after his own long struggle and diagnosis with celiac at age 40, but he was also shocked to learn about the estimated 83% of Americans with celiac who are misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed. All of this combined with his background in documentary filmmaking made his mission clear: to spread knowledge and raise awareness about celiac disease.

Frolicher traveled across the United States after seeking out a diverse group of individuals willing to share their celiac journey with him. He was inspired to share his own struggle and story as well, which he shares in moving detail in the film. We are certainly glad that Michael Frolichstein decided to put his background and talents into making such an important film, both for those with little knowledge of celiac and also people like us who live with celiac every day!

Why Should People With Celiac Watch this Film?

While the documentary is incredibly important for those less familiar with celiac disease, as someone living with celiac I personally really loved it as well. I found myself really identifying with the characters and their journeys, which was a refreshing change from having to usually explain my condition and answer numerous questions to people who don’t know a lot about celiac.

It sometimes really helps to hear personal experiences of others that really resonate with you- to have that “they get it!!” feeling. This documentary did that for me – it reminded me that I’m a part of a community that really understands and experiences the same things. I highly recommend picking up this DVD, or even organizing a screening – see below!

Organize a Screening

You can order a DVD of The Celiac Project and educational materials at link below.

The Celiac Project also has a really informative podcast. Episode topics range from parenting to kids with celiac, to participating in trials, to the portrayal of celiac in the media! It can be accessed here.

For more information on the film, visit


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Lorraine Reyes:

I am so happy to hear that finally someone is bring awareness to celiac disease. I have twin daughters who are now 22 years old. They both have celiac disease. One has it worse than the other. Me myself have wanted to bring awareness to the community about the disease and what symptoms could be, however I am not a specialist or doctor so that held me back. Anyway, if you are still working on the documentary and are looking for more people that have celiac please consider my daughters. If not we would like to know when the documentary will be coming out. Thank you!

Jun 28, 2016


Want to give a shout out and congratulate you guys on this documentary and your blog pod casts what a great way to support our community. I just listened to blog on dating with celiac and will pass on to my son who is GF not diagnosed with CD although I was diagnosed 5yrs ago myself. I have worked with the CDF in support groups and still am a support group leader in S California . I would love to have a screaming for my support group and West La group.
My email is
My health coach website is Bodyfoodconnection .com

Jun 28, 2016

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